Thursday, September 09, 2004

Regular Update

Tuesday night a number of us from work started to run through the Worlds Largest Dungeon. It's a 800 and some page book with maps enough to cover an entire wall that AEG put out at GenCon this year. Seth is running for the first few sessions, then I'll take over for a while, back and forth, there you do. That way we each get a chance at some of the fun. Who knows how long before we get killed or find the way out, but I'm betting the latter will be a while.

I'm feeling pretty good about the last couple day's work. Especially Wednesday. I managed to clean up a bunch of old issues and start in on wrapping up some things that really need to be wrapped up. Hopefully I'll make more progress tomorrow, but I've been having a ton of meetings lately, so we see how that goes.

This weekend I have a cookout and wedding to attend for Jen and Hays. It should be fun.

I just realized that I never got anything for my older sister for her birthday while I was back in town. Mom, any suggestions? I'm a bad brother.


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