Wednesday, September 22, 2004

One successful game later.

I ran the first session of Savage Worlds in the Savage TV setting that John developed. (For those back home, John is one of the guys in the Thursday game.) I only had three players, but we wrote up characters in almost exactly an hour and then they were treated to an eXtreme dungeon-delving experience using the 3D dungeon tiles WizKids makes. The whole thing looked very cool and was a lot of fun. The players were very into it and really enjoyed the game system and the game. You may be onto something here, John.

Next week we'll get back to The World's Largest Dungeon. Which is a good thing, because Nothing Good has been getting a lot of hits based on the title of the Dungeon and I hate to dissapoint. I'm going to try to use the 3D dungeon tiles as much as I can in the games I run. They're fun to play with and are fairly labor unintensive.

I'm still not sleeping on time. Kind of weird because I'm very tired in the morning, but not so much at 1:25 at night. Weird. Time to sleep anyway.


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