Thursday, December 09, 2004


One of the things that amuses and slightly annoys me about Seattle is the resident's insistance that it actually gets real weather. It would be something like people in Wisconsin commenting on how many earthquakes we get. Okay, maybe I exaggerate a bit. I mention this because last night and this morning the local news has been commenting that "Seattle is in for a lot of weather for the next couple of days." They define weather as, y'know, maybe some rain and it being kinda colder than we really find comfortable.

I have to laugh every time I hear this stuff. Sure, Shane and Cathy complain about it being cold here, but they're from South freakin' Africa, so I can understand not being used to cooler weather, but everyone else is just a wuss. I'd really like to take them back home un mid-January for a couple days.

Unrelated, I've added Jen to my links over on the right. I'm also going to talk to Jason about the two of us updating the World's Largest Dungeon blog.


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