Sunday, December 05, 2004

Christmas Time Already?

Saturday evening of this weekend was the work holiday party. We did the same thing as last year, a boat tour of Lake Washington. And again, it was fun. We get a surprisingly high turnout for this event. I think because it's easy for people to plan for. It runs only about 4 hours, including travel time and everyone gets home by a reasonable time. Part of the event includes the traditional White Elephant gift exchange. I gave a lame, little hand-held fan away that I got last year at the same event. I picked out a CD that claimed to include "Solid Gold Hits of the 70's" and surprisingly it actually has some good songs on it.

After the party a group of us went for drinks on Capitol Hill at the Bad Juju Lounge. I had surprisingly good talks with Katie, Kate, and Beth. And I think the bartender was flirting with me. That was fun, but she smoked. Anyway, it was a fun night.

The rest of the weekend was pretty normal. The only thing that really stood out as unusual was waking up at 1:00 on Sunday. That surprised me. I didn't go to bed that late. I must have been exhausted. Ten hours of sleep for me is unimaginable.

Oh, I got a nice compliment from one of the women at the party. She's the wife of a co-worker and she hadn't seen me for a while and she thought I looked great. That was nice. Now I just need to get myself to the gym with some regularity again and I'll look even better. Heh, I can't imagine how it will be to start going to the gym again. I'm sure I'll be breathing hard after about a quarter of the workout I used to do all the time.


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