Thursday, September 15, 2005

Better Now

As of my last post I was in a bad mood, but I'm much better now.

I decided to drop my Thursday night game in favor of getting some writing done. I want to do more, but Thursdays will be my writing night. Good for me, sacrificing one fun activity for another. Even so, it's kind of a bummer because I really enjoy the Thursday game and the guys I game with there -- and since that's the only place I see them, I'm going to have to make ways to see them more often. That's okay, they're all good guys.

Tuesday night I started my new Star Wars game for a bunch of the guys from work. I haven't run that for a while, so I'll have to plan out some stories and see what I can come up with. It should be fun and now that convention season is (mostly) over, the games should happen pretty regularly.

Tomorrow I have an all-day, off-site meeting which should prove interesting. It's the first I've been to in my new role at the company, so I may sit back and observe for most of it just to get the lay of the land. Who knows if I'll actually be able to do that.

I'll write more later. I have to get to bed, so I can get up and get to the meeting place on time in the morning.


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