Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mission Accomplished

I'm very happy with the fact that I managed to get a few things done over the past couple of days. I think I mentioned last time that I set up the bookshelf I got from Kevin and Kim and put some books on it. This weekend I decided to swap out some of those books in favor of some from my room. Not a big deal, but it made me realize that I really need another bookshelf to help organize things.

In addition to that, I went through a bunch of photos and organized them into photo albums. That's actually a big project done and I'm really happy about it.

Then, Sunday afternoon I went over to my storage unit, moved to a new, larger unit and moved some things from work into storage. Not just random things from work, but some of my things from work to storage.

I went to see Walk the Line on Friday night and Good Night, and Good Luck Saturday night. They were both very good. Walk the Line was a very good biography of Johnny Cash. Cash is one of the few country musicians that I like. Surprisingly, the movie wasn't all sunshine and roses about Cash. He comes across as very human, very flawed, and very much in love with his wife. It was really an interesting story, actually.

Whereas Walk the Line was a bio-pic (I should comment on my spelling of that term, I always misread the word biopic as something like myopic, hence the dash), Good Night, and Good Luck wasn't a bio-pic, it was a social propaganda piece. I don't mean that in a bad way, I just walked into it thinking it was going to be about Edward R. Murrow and really, it was about a government obsessed with rooting out evil and curtailing our liberties to do it. That said, I really liked the story, I enjoyed the performances -- especially the actor who played Murrow. The anti-Bush, anti-Patriot Act stance was clearly the main thrust of the movie and I think it got the point across within the context of its subject -- and without hurting its subject matter.

I watched all of my Profit DVDs this weekend, as well, including the commentary tracks. The series was very, very cool, but I'm not sure it's worth owning on DVD, at least not for me. I enjoyed watching it, but I don't know if I'll watch it again, which is my requirement for buying a DVD. So, if you'd like to watch the series, let me know, I'll be happy to lend it out.

I'm about 300 pages into A Feast for Crows and I'm liking it so far, which is good because I have another 384 pages to go. Speaking of that series of books. I recommend the Guardians of Order roleplaying game based on A Game of Thrones. It has a wealth of information and artwork, it does, however, carry a $50 price tag (hmm, Amazon has it for about $33, apparently). If you have the cash, pick it up.

I've been very good about going to the gym for the last couple of weeks and I even dropped a few pounds. Right now I'm doing cardio and that's going well, but I'm having a hard time moving over to weights again. I have no clue why.

Okay, more later.


At November 28, 2005 2:50 PM, Blogger Lou Wainwright said...

I finished a Feast of Crows, which I enjoyed, although, and I mean this sincerely, it seemed short. After such a long wait I was expecting a book of similar length to its predecessors...and it's only about 2/3rds of that size. Plus, it's only half a book, and it happens that three of my four favorite characters are in the other book (and the one that is in this book spends it all being whiny). All in all it was, by far, my least favorite book of the series. I still enjoyed it quite a bit mind you, but it was quite a dissapointment. 7/10.

Similarly, I just got the GOO GOT RPG (I just wanted to type that) from Amazon and was sorely dissapointed by the full color map in the back. It's got 1/10th the level of detail I expected. If I had seen the book in a store first I never would have bought it. I still look forward to reading it, but between these twin dissapointments it's dropped to the bottom of the pile for now. Inc/10

At November 28, 2005 3:25 PM, Blogger Lou Wainwright said...

Also I'm not sure I've recommended it before, but the Malazan series by Steven Erikson is awesome. The first book is "Gardens of the Moon". It's a really difficult read, and I almost stopped after the first 100 pages, as he just throws you right into the middle of a very very very complicated world. But man, once you start to understand the world, it is something else. It's completely unlike the GoT books in that it is extremely high magic, gods are all over the place, and every third character is immortal. Plus it started as a RPG setting and it feels like it, but unlike many other series I've read that fit those descriptions, it is truly excellent.

The only downside is that only books 1-3 are available in the US (#3 just came out). #4/5 are already out in the UK (I got them in London). It's also a planned 10 book series, but unlike GRRM he's coming out with them in a timely fashion, with about 16 months between books...not bad considering the massive page count.


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