Monday, March 27, 2006

Random Things

I finally added Chuck to the sidebar. Chuck was contracting with us for a number of months. He was great to work with and is an all around good guy. I hope to work with him again sometime.

I also added Ken to the sidebar. I've never worked with Ken, but I hope we get to at some point. I've been impressed with his Out of the Box and Suppressed Transmissions columns for years.

Seth passed my a list that shows how much people in different professions make. The one that really stood out was:

Andy Warhol
Deceased artist

The next random bit . . . lessons learned from massively multi-player online rolplaying games (MMORPGs for the uninitiated).

Lastly, Seth and I were both enamored of this article on non-transitive dice. Then, I did a bit of looking around and found Grand Illusions and two sets of dice that use the principles outlined in the aforementioned link -- as well as the very cool Sicherman dice. I really need to get my hands on all of those dice!

Like I said, lots of random stuff. I'll get a realy update done next.


At March 28, 2006 8:45 AM, Blogger Shocho said...

Thanks man, you're on my sidebar too. We are SO 21st century.


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