Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I started the diet yesterday and went to the gym. It's started out just fine; the gym wasn't quite as exhausting as I'd feared, I kept my food to the right mix with no difficulties or temptations (I even made myself omelets Monday and Tuesday) and I was pleased to see that I hadn't gained as much weight as I'd feared. So, good news all around.

However, today I felt really, really crappy from about four o'clock onward. I had a horrible headache, felt drained, and I really wanted to nap. I probably should go hit the sack, but instead I'm going to relax and watch The Bourne Supremacy once I'm done here.

I was happy to duck out of work for a while today and go see V for Vendetta. I thought it was a damn enjoyable film and did a good job of pointing out the dangers of a government like ours. I don't necessarily mean that as anti the current administration, but more along the lines of what we as a people have asked for and received -- even if the asking was tacit compliance. Anyway, I enjoyed it and thought it was very well made. In my opinion it's definitely worth seeing in the theatre and probably even picking up on DVD.

Oh, and check out this cool LEGO battleship!

More later.


At March 22, 2006 12:42 AM, Blogger rafial said...

...or aircraft carrier as the case may be :) It's insanely cool that the interior of the hanger deck is actually detailed!


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