Monday, April 03, 2006

April Fool's Redux

I knew I couldn't continue my string of April Fool's posts unbroken, so I decided to take the year off. Sorry to disappoint you, Scott! But, I have to say, Seth and John came up with some good options for what may or may not have happened to me this year.

So, what's actually happened in my life lately? Well, I'll run through some random things. Last weekend Julia and I went to a thrift store and I was pleased to find Wildcards Vol. I (now I just need to find Vols. II and III) and a copy of Liavek. I was really happy to find them both, but Liavek surprised me because glancing through it I remembered that it was where Phil swiped the idea of investing your Luck in his D&D games. Yes, I know that's only meaningful to the people who played in Phil's games, but it was so central to the game that I'd forgotten where it originally came from. I think I had a copy of Liavek at some point, but it disappeared. I'm happy to have the new one.

This last weekend was the Emerald City Comic Convention. Work donated a bunch of stuff, so I was given a free pass. I only stopped by for about an hour on Sunday afternoon, but I found a couple of things that I wanted...not much, but something to make the trip worthwhile. Overall I thought the show was good, but they really need to start growing. Personally, I'd love to see my company adopt it and try to make it something special, but I understand why that's not a very attractive proposition (lots of costs, very little payoff) -- even so, I'm going to try to convince people it's a good idea.

I forgot to do something at work last week, so I kind of paid for it today. Luckily it wasn't something that takes days and days to make up for, but I really wished I'd taken some time to think about this project. Anyway, the presentation is tomorrow and I'm sure it will go very well. The idea is solid and a lot of fun.

Something completely at random: I listen to the BBC Radio Newspod everyday now. I think I started a couple of weeks ago. After listening to American news for my whole life it's refreshing to hear reporters that have some guts. The BBC newscasters are much more dogged about asking tough questions, often cutting off the interviewee to ask the question again and tell them to answer it without the crap or spin control. It's also interesting to get a glimpse of how the British view America, American politics, and American foreign policy. That makes me think that I should post a list of the podcasts that I (try) to listen to on a regular basis.

I don't talk about this much, but things are going very well with Julia and I. We've been together four months as of the first of April and we're having a blast. Sure, we run into issues every now and again, but everytime we do it seems like we figure it out and things get better. That's great.

More later.


At April 04, 2006 12:48 AM, Blogger rafial said...

Liavek! What an awesome series that was. I still have the full thing squirrled away somewhere. It's rife with RP potential.


At April 04, 2006 6:32 AM, Blogger Kevin said...

You didn't have copy because you read MY copy. Sheesh, roommates!


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