Friday, April 21, 2006

Free Minutes

I've been busy lately with work and all sorts of other fun. And this weekend looks like it will be equally busy for some reason. I have things to do all day tomorrow and most of the day on Sunday. I'll tell you all about it Sunday or Monday.

Tuesday this week we played the second session of Jason's Game of Thrones game. It was an interesting mix of characters. Seth and I have non-combat characters and their personalities even stayed in place when we encountered some bandits. I think it helped (only slightly) that neither of us had a single weapon. I'm looking forward to seeing how this little adventure resolves.

Here are some random bits that I found amusing or interesting over the past few days. Enjoy!

First, an Easter-related recipe that appeals to me because I love Peeps!

I really enjoyed the Normal Bob Smith Website and I think most of you will find something cool there as well.

If you need some art for the walls, are a comic and animatino fan, and want to support a good cause, do I have the site for you! Here's my favorite of the bunch.

And finally, if you're in Seattle next Saturday and you neeeeeed some cool, new jewelry, then you should come to Swank Seattle and get some goodies from Julia!

More later!


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