Monday, May 31, 2004

It's a long weekend, so I've been running around and mostly relaxing, which has been nice.

Thursday I played in the last session of Johnzo's Savage Worlds: X-Com game. It was very different from the rest of the games because it involved very little combat, very few tactical decisions, and really came down to talking and decisions that we had no clue whether or not they were correct. It was fun. Over the next couple of weeks we'll figure out our next game. Some good options have been put forward, so I'm looking forward to it. Oh, Seth may join us, too.

Friday I had a couple of very good meetings at work to discuss some upcoming products. I'm very happy with how those talks went and we got more done that I'd originally intended -- mostly because I didn't think the others would want to go as far out as we enede up going.

That evening I helped Shana rearrange some things in her house (she's in the midst of redecorating her place) so she could do some painting over the weekend. As a treat for helping her she bought me dinner at Cedar's, and Indian restaurant in the University district. I've been there before and it's very, very good. Probably one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, actually.

Saturday I did a lot of running around, I ran to Ikea with Seth so he could take a look at things and think about what he'll be buying soon for his apartment and so I could exchange a picture frame for Shana. It was "no-tax day" at Ikea, so it was very, very busy which was annoying, but understandable considering that tax here is almost 9%. We made a quick run through the store, then went to Xanadu to pick up comics. No Shane this week because he's a lazy bum and had just made it out of bed at 1:00 which is about when we arrived at the store.

I dropped off Seth and Chris after getting comics becasuse Chris had to go to a meeting, and Seth didn't feel like coming to the cookout that Katie, Kate, and Beth were having. I picked up some food on the way over, visited with them for a while, made some late lunch, and heard about their recent roadtrip to California. I stayed longer that I should have, because I was supposed to be in Issaquah to meet a bunch of people for Scott's bachelor party at 5:00 at Illusionz. It's a big arcade. I was here in January for Brian's birthday, so I knew what to expect. Is it mean if I say I'm glad I only had to stay for an hour?

Anyway, after that we went into Seattle to Morton's. Apparently it's one of a chain or steakhouses. Fairly high class, but it was weird because despite the fact that an average dinner runs about $50, the style of dress ran from suits and dresses to t-shirts and jeans. Very odd. Scott's best man has been there many, many times and even had his own wine locker, so he'd reserved us a room. I won't go over the whole evening, but it was fun and relaxing and the food was very good. Best of luck Scott!

I got home by about 11:00 to find that Seth had locked himself out of his place because his locks are screwy, so he ended up staying over until he could deal with his lock the next day.

Sunday I got to sleep in a bit, then went to meet Shana for breakfast and a day of running errands to pick up things for her bedroom -- ribbon Ballard, rugs in Capitol Hill, lamps in Frelard (that's a new name to me, it's a combination of Fremont and Ballard). Actually, the lamps took up most of the day, but we managed to find some really cool black and gold, 50's-style lamps at a great store called the Stuff Cafe. The owner was a great guy who gave Shana quite a deal on the lamps. I found a copy of The Tom-Tom Club's album. I've wanted that thing for, um, 20 years now, so that was fun.

In the evening I went into work and played City of Heroes with a bunch of people, then ran back over to Shana's to drop some things off and visit with her for a bit.

Monday the plan is to got to Jason's to (FINALLY!) hang out at his place a watch a movie on his Gratuitous Television. So, I'm going to get moving.


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